Roads and motorways – including any related structures (bridges, culverts, drainage, transport and engineering systems, traffic signs, utility networks, etc.), surveys and expert reports

Local roads – urban roads including pavements; bikeways; combined ways; paved surfaces; car parks; traffic-calmed, residential and pedestrian zones; traffic signs; urban infrastructure; greenery; utility networks, etc.

Service roads – field and forest tracks; sports trails and bikeways; sports yards; access roads and descents to real estate; roads on private land and on industrial and other premises; parking spaces, garages, parking and garage houses, etc.

Industrial spurs, tramway tracks and railroads – including any related structures, surveys and expert reports.

Drawing up design documents for performing repairs, renovation projects and new buildings in all stages of design:
  • Studies (ST) including alternatives, assessment of construction costs and evaluation of each variant
  • Design documents for the planning permit (DDPP)
  • Documents for notification of construction (DNC)
  • Documents for the construction permit (DCP)
  • Design documents for the implementation of construction (DDIC), including a list of work
  • Implementation documents for construction (for the appointed contractor) (IDC)
  • As-built documents (ABD)

  • Traffic solutions and technical infrastructure for spatial and regulation plans; development plans; designs for housing, administrative and industrial construction, etc.
  • Studies and designs for the construction of traffic and technical infrastructure
  • Designs for maintenance, repairs and renovation of urban roads, country roads and motorways
  • Traffic calming and safety: proposing measures to reduce transit speed in municipalities and increase safety of all participants of traffic applying the principle of “self-explaining and forgiving roads”, designing residential and pedestrian zones, 30 km/h zones
  • Projects of traffic signs and safety equipment on roads
  • Traffic and engineering measures (designing local arrangement of traffic, preparing designs for temporary traffic signs and traffic arrangement: restraints, closures, diversions, alternative transport)
  • Proposing repair methods, composition and, if applicable, reinforcement or broadening of road structure, optimisation of the extent of the repairs performed.

Activities of General Design Engineer of a construction project and/or Design Engineer of Traffic Solution of a construction project.

Engineering activities in construction:
  • Complete processing of design documents of all project stages with the competent authorities of government and public administration, property administrators, owners and managers of public transport and technical infrastructure, parties to proceedings, etc.
  • Obtaining a final or, if applicable, enforceable planning permit, construction permit or permit by water-management authorities, permit for a change in the construction project before completion, decision permitting the use of a structure, decision permitting preliminary use, providing for the trial operation of a structure, use and occupancy permit, permit for the removal of a structure, permit for a change in the use of a structure, communication in respect of the notification of construction, etc.
  • Representing construction investors in all related administrative proceedings, including investigations on site, oral hearings and appellate proceedings
  • Providing for consultations and professionals in the given technical field
  • Controlling the contents and extent of the design documents attached to an application for a planning or construction permit in accordance with the applicable implementing regulations

Consulting in preparation of constructions; consulting and supervision in erection of structures:
  • Consulting in respect of investment plans
  • Technical consulting during all the stages of pre-design and design preparation of construction projects
  • Supervision over and control of projects; expert reports; expert opinions
  • Co-operation in the selection of contractors of constructions
  • Technical consulting during the preparation and implementation of construction projects
  • Author’s supervision (AS)
  • Investor’s technical supervision (ITS)

Activities of a Road Safety Auditor:                   www.audit-bezpecnosti.cz
  • Evaluation of impacts on road safety in scouting studies
  • Safety audit of road designs: identification and analysis of potential safety risks
  • Safety inspection of roads in operation: identification and analysis of potentially hazardous places
  • Inspection of roads: redevelopment of locations and sections with a high incidence of traffic accidents

Activities of a co-ordinator of occupational safety and health protection at the construction site:
  • Occupational safety and health protection plan

  • Conceptual designs, studies concerning the use of land, development plans
  • Designs for division and consolidation of land, including designs of road and technical infrastructure (division in plots of land and construction of utility networks)
  • Studies and designs of single-family houses, residential and administrative buildings and other structures intended for recreation, housing, services, manufacture, warehousing, etc.
  • Designs of repairs, renovations, superstructures, extensions and alterations (renovation, built-in structures, modernisation, insulation of building envelope, etc.) of single-family houses and residential houses; multifunctional, administrative, manufacturing and warehousing structures
  • Designs of sewerage, water mains, gas line and electricity connections
  • Independent expert assistance to future owners of new apartments or single-family houses during the preparation and implementation of development projects: designing alterations based on clients’ requirements and ideas, including the preparation of drawings for discussing custom modifications of the layout and fittings; if required by the client, participation in or representation at meetings with a developer and inspections on site
  • Obtaining the planning consent, notification of construction, notification of use of a structure, as well as planning permits, construction permits, occupancy permits, etc.
  • Construction supervision
  • Structural analysis
  • Surveying and producing drawings for existing buildings or residential units in electronic form
  • Conversion of printed drawings of structures into digital form
  • Drawing up all types of technical drawings